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2024 Berrow Calendar

A message from Andrea Johnstone re the


It is now time to gather all the photographs, which you have hopefully – been taking over the past year or so, of trees in Berrow.

We would like you to send all the photos you have taken and either: - put them on a ‘stick’, put the stick into an envelope with your name, address and telephone number and leave it with Annie at Westcroft Farm Shop, Red Road or alternatively: - send all your photographs to Lynn at and please include your name, address and telephone number.

The closing date for entries will be Monday 6th November. This will allow us time to select the 12 photographs for the calendar and our printer time to prepare the Calendar for proof reading, printing and assembling. We hope to have the Calendar on sale at Westcroft Farm shop by the end of November.

As always, all proceeds from the sale of the Calendar will go towards improvements at Berrow Village Hall.

For further updates please check on Berrow Village Hall’s website – or contact me on 01278 751345

Thank you as always for your support

Andrea Johnstone

P.S. If you want to take photographs in time for the closing date, please remember that the printer needs them in landscape rather than portrait format.

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Berrow 2024 Calendar

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